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Marina-1 Drilling Campaign, Tumbes Basin, Peru 2020
Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Marina-1 well was drilled in February 2020 in the Tumbes Basin, offshore Peru.  Marina-1 used the Stena Forth drillship and while the well was unfortunately dry, the campaign was extremely successful with regard to health, safety and environment outcomes.  The well was drilled without incident despite being the first deep offshore well drilled in Peru.  Further details of the operations can be found in the following video

Karoon begins training to Tumbes Fishermen as part of the Work Experience Program
Thursday, January 30, 2020

Karoon started this month the Unqualified Local Labor Program, with the participation of 40 fishermen as part of a first work group. This call has been developed at 11 localities that are part of Karoon´s indirect area of influence. The second group is programed to start on the 1st of February with the participation of 52 people.

This initiative, which was established in partnership with Cosmos Maritime Agency, will develop training in maritime safety, port work – logistics at sea and will have training in maritime work and communications.

The workers will have the entry to payroll that includes all the benefits of law, work certificates, complete personal protective equipment (PPE), accommodation and food included.

The work modality will be in two groups of fishermen which will rotate in periods of fifteen days working and 15 days resting. The total training time will be 30 calendar days. However, it can be extended, depending on the needs of the project.

The program is applying the methodology “learning by doing” which adds value to the knowledge of fishermen expertise in the Tumbes area where the project will be developed.