Karoon values and respects every employee and is committed to providing a safe and inclusive workplace that enables people to thrive. We strive to engage and motivate our staff to achieve the best they can and in doing so, deliver outstanding results for all our stakeholders.

We expect the same of our suppliers and engage with them in our efforts to prevent unethical behaviour in our supply chain.

In order to achieve our vision, the Karoon Board and senior management team have worked diligently to embed our core values into all aspects of Karoon’s business, establishing a workplace culture that engages and motivates employees to achieve success.

Our values


Safety is our highest priority, a state of mind in respoect of our people, the communities in which we work, and the environment.


Integrity is honestly doing what is right and what we say we will do.


Collaboration is working together, to achieve our goals and striving for better outcomes for all stakeholders.


Commitment is following through on our promises with focus, passion and dedication.


Respect is actively listening to, harnessing and embracing different backgrounds, cultures, thoughts and ideas.

Our values, purpose, mission and vision all recognise in some way the sustainability challenges and opportunities facing Karoon and our commitment to operating as an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable Company. In defining our strategic framework, we have sought to communicate to all stakeholders our clear path forward as an oil company committed to safe, reliable and responsible operations.

Operating with Integrity and Respect

Karoon strives to foster a culture that reflects our values. Where any member of our team or any of our stakeholders have a concern that business is not being conducted in accordance with our Code of Conduct, grievance mechanisms are in place. Karoon encourages employees and stakeholders to speak up without fear of intimidation or reprisal and will protect those who do so. Karoon has a Grievance Policy and Misconduct Investigation Protocol in place, as well as a Whistleblower Protection Policy. We offer an anonymous whistleblower reporting service, available in both Portuguese and English, that enables reports to be made via telephone, email and internet.


Karoon employs a diverse team of dedicated and passionate professionals with great depth of experience, which is the key to our success. We value the diversity of thinking that comes not just from gender diversity but from our range of nationalities across our Brazilian and Australian offices and range of experience from early career interns to experts with more than 40 years’ experience. We are working to achieve 30% female participation at senior executive and board level by 2025. Across the Karoon Group more than 45% of our employees are female.

We strive to be an employer of choice by offering all staff a safe and engaging workplace, where our employees are encouraged to continue to grow their skills in a supportive and respectful environment. In addition to our suite of policies and procedures governing professional conduct at Karoon, we offer all employees access to a number of wellbeing services such as gym membership and 24 hour Employee Assistance Program for employees and their families.

Human Rights in our Supply Chain

Our policies are communicated to our suppliers and specific clauses included in contracts relating to health, safety, security and environment, anti-bribery and corruption and human rights and modern slavery. Karoon undertakes due diligence on our suppliers prior to commencement, and suppliers meeting our engagement threshold are asked to complete questionnaires to assist Karoon in identifying risks within our supply chain. The results of the due diligence and questionnaire responses are reviewed and assessed. Where potential risks are identified, Karoon is committed to working with suppliers to try and alleviate these risks. Further details are available in our Sustainability Report.