Karoon Christmas Campaign 2019

This year, 2019, Karoon will continue celebrating Christmas with the people in communities in the 11 locations (Puerto Pizarro, La Jota, San José, La Cruz, Nueva Esperanza, Grau, Zorritos, Bocapan, Acapulco, Punta Mero y Cancas), which are part of the Marina-1 Drilling Project in Peru. The event will be held with several groups in the communities such as children at an early age, older adults and people with a disability and with those in the fishing sector. The Christmas Campaign will benefit (36) Fishing Associations and (17) social organisations with “chocolatadas” (children, older adults and disabled people) representing a total of 4,450 people in total.

Extraction of Hydrocarbons in the Tumbes Region, 26 September 2019

On Thursday, September 26, 2019, Karoon together with the Regional Directorate of Energy and Mines of Tumbes delivered the talk “Importance of Hydrocarbons in The Tumbes Region”.  The event was held at the Educational Institution “7 de enero” in the town of Corrales, with 85 participants primarily young people and teachers of the institution.

The purpose of this event is to inform the population of the relevance of developing the hydrocarbon sector and its positive impact in the regions and towns where the activity is carried out, in addition to the generation of benefits such as income through the royalty.

In the last five years the Tumbes Region received S/ 629,359,463 million soles (source: Perupetro) distributed among the regional government, municipalities, higher technical institutes and the National University of Tumbes. The royalty represents an opportunity for the execution of investment and social development works as well as the opportunity to promote and improve public educational institutions.

Likewise, it is important to know that the use of hydrocarbons is the backbone for the development of economic activities such as fishing, trade, electricity generation for industries, among others.

The talk also served as an opportunity to raise awareness about the Karoon project, its social responsibility policy and sustainable projects that have been implemented in the communities since 2012; generating value and representing opportunities for development and progress. Some projects are: the Tumpis, Mutumbi, Fregata and Prompes Scholarship Project (promoting fishing).

Karoon Educa Scholarships, Semester II 2019

Karoon, a hydrocarbon company that has been working hand in hand with the National University of Tumbes (UNT), promoting educational and professionalization opportunities since 2012 through the Tumpis Scholarship Program, launched its second call from August 12 to September 12, 2019 to fill 25 new vacancies of the Karoon Educa scholarship. To date, 25 students were benefited in the 2019-I semester.

The scholarship provides financial support to young people who are currently pursuing undergraduate studies and who meet the established requirements (minimum average score of 12.0, successfully passing the socio-economic evaluation and personal interview). In this second stage there were 48 applicants, who went through a thorough evaluation process by a committee made up of representatives from Karoon and the UNT.

As a result, 25 new young people were selected to receive the financial support scholarship to continue their studies this semester 2019-II.     

Connect With Your Future, September 13 2019

Karoon has been developing the program Conéctate con tu futuro (Connect with your future). This time 5Th grade secondary students from Miguel Grau school in Villa Puerto Pizarro visited the facilities of the National University of Tumbes and received vocational guidance talks by the specialists of this Institution, with the purpose of motivating and guiding young people in the region to professionalize according to their skills and abilities.

Karoon is committed to education and development of the Tumbes Region.

Marina-1 Drilling – Community Information Workshops

Karoon is a responsible company committed to communication and transparency at all levels, especially towards the eleven communities in the area of ​​influence (AII) of the project (Puerto Pizarro, La Jota, San José, La Cruz, Nueva Esperanza, Grau, Zorritos, Bocapan, Acapulco, Punta Mero and Cancas). Thus, we are pleased to inform that we will be present in all the communities to inform about the progress and activities of the “Exploratory Drilling Project in Block Z-38”.

The events will be held from November 16 to 24. We look forward to the active participation of the community, as it is a good opportunity to promote dialogue and trust.

We firmly believe that through dialogue and matching the role of all participants we will promote relationships of trust, which is why the presence and local participation is very important for Karoon.

The following is a detailed workshop schedule with date, time and place:   

Cancas November 16 15:00 Casa Pescador Barrio Chamba Uriarte S/N – Cancas
Acapulco November 17 15:00 Salón Comunal Av. Emancipación Cas. Acapulco – Zorritos
La Cruz November 18 15:00 Sindicato Único De Pescadores Av. Independencia Nº427 – La Cruz
San José November 19 09:00 Salón Comunal Caserío San José – La Cruz
Grau November 19 15:00 Salón Comunal Calle Los Sauces S/N Pueblo Grau – Zorritos
Zorritos November 20 15:00 Club Social Deportivo Atlético Zorritos Av. Faustino Piaggio Nº122 – Zorritos
Nueva Esperanza November 21 09:00 Salón Comunal Av. Túpac Amaru Nº301 Nueva Esperanza – Zorritos
Bocapan November 21 16:00 Salón Comunal Panamericana Norte S/N Bocapan
Punta Mero November 22 09:00 Salón Privado Panamericana Norte Nº175 Punta Mero – Cancas
La Jota November 22 15:00 Salón Comunal Caserío La Jota S/N – Villa Puerto Pizarro
Puerto Pizarro November 23 09:00 Facultad De Perquería De UNT Calle Los Ceibos S/N – Villa Puerto Pizarro
La Cruz November 24 15:00 Caseta De Pescadores Artesanales Jr. Piura S/N – La Cruz

Donations January 2018

With the focus of supporting children in their educational and sports development Karoon in early 2018 made donations to homes and homes for needy and orphaned children from Florianópolis – Brazil. The houses benefited this year were “Casa da Criança – Morro de penitenciária” with sports materials like volleyball balls, soccer and basketball together with their table.”Casa Lar Emmaus” with backpacks and school kits; and finally the “Lar Recanto do Carinho” with notebooks, scissors, pens, paper, backpacks, among other materials that allowed students to initiate their school activities. Karoon through these small projects wants to support the children so that they continue studying and reinforcing their physical health.

Tumpis Scolarship Project

In April 2012, Karoon decided to implement the Tumpis Scholarship Program focus on young people in Tumbes. Thus, a group of 16 students from 8 national schools were selected to be part of this program. Today two of these young people are specifying their objectives, so Sonia Velásquez Torres (former student of the IE Contralmirante Villar de Zorritos) and Jorge Silva García (former student of the IE Jose Carlos Mariátegui de Acapulco), have completed their undergraduate studies in the School of Hospitality and Tourism of the National University of Tumbes and are about to graduate this Thursday, April 5. Both students have shown dedication and responsibility during their studies and have achieved maximum recognition by this house of studies recognizing them with the degree of academic excellence to achieve the first positions. We, the Karoon family, are proud and excited about the accomplishments of Sonia and Jorge; and we will continue working together with them, their families and tutors to achieve the degree! Karoon promoting education and development and generating opportunities for young people! Congratulations Sonia and Jorge !

Karoon Workshops

In order to comply with Karoon´s Environmental Impact Study in Block Z-38, Karoon has commenced the Community Relations Plan (CRP) implementation. The first project from the CRP that must be
implemented is the Communication and Dialogue program. This program consists of a round of workshops in the eleven communities located in the indirect area of influence as well the production of flyers and brochures to be distributed to the communities containing an explanation about Karoon´s projects.

The workshops will be held on the following dates and locations; anyone is free to attend the event.

Karoon Community Relations and Social projects team as well as HSSE and drilling team will conduct the presentations and answers any questions or doubts. Come along with us.

Visit from Darla Moore School of Business MBA Students

In March 2018, Karoon was visited by a group of MBA students from Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina, in Rio de Janeiro. The purpose of the trip was to visit leading institutions and companies in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to learn about their operations in the country, learn about opportunities and challenges in the oil and gas industry in Brazil, as well as to understand more about doing business in Brazil. Brazil. The presentation was made by our general manager Tim Hosking and it was a success.

The Great Australian Bight Right Whale Study

The Great Australian Bight Right Whale Study (GABRWS) has been running for more than 26 years and continues to provide valuable information to researchers, the oil and gas industry and the public regarding number, migration and behaviour of Southern Right Whales in the Great Australian Bight. Karoon has proudly committed to sponsoring the study, which addresses the objectives of the Conservation Management Plan for the Southern Right Whale (2011-2012) for the next three years. The study area includes Karoon’s block EPP-46 in the Ceduna sub-basin in the Great Australian Bight. Further details of the study can be found at www.gabrightwhales.com.