Marina-1 Drilling – Community Information Workshops

Karoon is a responsible company committed to communication and transparency at all levels, especially towards the eleven communities in the area of ​​influence (AII) of the project (Puerto Pizarro, La Jota, San José, La Cruz, Nueva Esperanza, Grau, Zorritos, Bocapan, Acapulco, Punta Mero and Cancas). Thus, we are pleased to inform that we will be present in all the communities to inform about the progress and activities of the “Exploratory Drilling Project in Block Z-38”.

The events will be held from November 16 to 24. We look forward to the active participation of the community, as it is a good opportunity to promote dialogue and trust.

We firmly believe that through dialogue and matching the role of all participants we will promote relationships of trust, which is why the presence and local participation is very important for Karoon.

The following is a detailed workshop schedule with date, time and place:   

Cancas November 16 15:00 Casa Pescador Barrio Chamba Uriarte S/N – Cancas
Acapulco November 17 15:00 Salón Comunal Av. Emancipación Cas. Acapulco – Zorritos
La Cruz November 18 15:00 Sindicato Único De Pescadores Av. Independencia Nº427 – La Cruz
San José November 19 09:00 Salón Comunal Caserío San José – La Cruz
Grau November 19 15:00 Salón Comunal Calle Los Sauces S/N Pueblo Grau – Zorritos
Zorritos November 20 15:00 Club Social Deportivo Atlético Zorritos Av. Faustino Piaggio Nº122 – Zorritos
Nueva Esperanza November 21 09:00 Salón Comunal Av. Túpac Amaru Nº301 Nueva Esperanza – Zorritos
Bocapan November 21 16:00 Salón Comunal Panamericana Norte S/N Bocapan
Punta Mero November 22 09:00 Salón Privado Panamericana Norte Nº175 Punta Mero – Cancas
La Jota November 22 15:00 Salón Comunal Caserío La Jota S/N – Villa Puerto Pizarro
Puerto Pizarro November 23 09:00 Facultad De Perquería De UNT Calle Los Ceibos S/N – Villa Puerto Pizarro
La Cruz November 24 15:00 Caseta De Pescadores Artesanales Jr. Piura S/N – La Cruz